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Pistol Grip Carving of PT-92 AF Taurus

Pistol Grip Carving of PT-92 AF Taurus


With the purchase of a new Articulating Trinocular Stereo Microscope in 2009, and having been pleased with the results of the Pistol Grip Carving of the P-228 Sig Sauer (re: previous post) as well as other wood carving and engraving projects, I decided to revisit my PT-92 AF Taurus Pistol Grip Carving. (see more Gunstock and Pistol Grip carvings).

This microscope gave for optimum magnification and clarity (with a variety of options terrific for fine details for wood carving and engraving) enabling me to refresh the Taurus Pistol Grip Carving. I first stripped the entire finish giving me a new canvas; thus making it possible to refine the original details of the carving. It also afforded me the opportunity to refinish the Pistol Grip and take new photos.

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