Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel

Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel





Recently, I completed a commissioned project to custom carve an insert for a fireplace mantel. The client’s request was for the ‘Family Crests’ to be carved, flanked by a drapery motif.

Red Oak was the choice wood to keep continuity with existing paneling and moulding in the house. (Note: contrary to walnut, mahogany, etc., oak , with its distinct characteristics of grain and texture, presents its own set of challenges for a carver. To achieve a fine professional finish, extensive refining, including multi sandings, will be required).

An overview of the process is as follows:

1. the layout design of ‘Family Crests’ and drapery motif; approved by client.

2. to achieve a 3/4″ final background, I needed to start with a 1-1/8″ solid red oak plank.

3. to produce approx. 3/4″ background, I routed the background to approx. 5/8″-3/4″; this left 3/8″+ revealed, to carve the pattern.

4. upon completion of the carved mantel insert, to enhance and contrast the Crests from the drapery motif panels, I recommended the Crests be color stained (according to the existing colors of the Crests); the client approved.

5. following the installation, the piece was finished with stain, sealer, and finish to match the existing mantel and surrounding wood paneling.


Follow the progress in the photo gallery below..









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Custom Carving of PT-92 Pistol Grip.

Custom Carving of PT-92 Pistol Grip.



On this Veteran’s Day, 11/11/11, it is my pleasure to mention the custom design and carving of a PT-92 Pistol Grip/ Taurus, commissioned by a Sergeant in the United States Army.

The Sgt. wanted the design to display a ‘dragon skin pattern’ combined with scrolls.

I designed 2 patterns; the first was based on organic skin (with the look of a live dragon moving into a scroll that would appear to be an extension of the creature’s tail); the second pattern was based on an non-organic look, similar to ancient armor and classic scrolls.

Deciding on the second option, the Sgt. ordered custom blank rosewood grips and forwarded them to me to fulfill his request.





In appreciation to our Military Personnel and Law Enforcement, Carving Dreams in Wood extends a special discount.



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Custom Gunstock Carving & Engraving

Custom Gunstock Carving & Engraving

For all you cowboy action shooters, cowgirl sharp shooters, and those who love the sport of riflery, Uri

has got himself a replica of an 1866 Yellow Boy by Uberti,  a gun of the Old West.

While he offers Gunstock carving and receiver engraving of Wild life, African Big Game, Hunting, Classic

Scrolls, Commorative Events, Military (past & present) and more; this project will be of the American


WowWee! Just look at that engraved ‘Sitting Bull’ 

on the butt plate of the rifle (still being refined)…

Uri promised h’ell be carving and engraving much

more on this YellowBoy.


Whether long barrel, short barrel, double barrel;

whether preferences for deep relief / semi relief carving

and / or engraving on receivers, barrels and metal parts; keep in touch and your sharp focus on the

coming progress.














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Custom wood carved plaque to commemorate the ‘Summer of Color 2010’

Custom carved plaque by ‘Uri Misrachi’

Looking back, the months of preparation for the ‘Summer of Color 2010’ were exciting. Both the volunteers and professionals worked hard in preparation and installation. Tourists and residents alike were dazzled. Now sadly, the colors will fade…..

To ensure the memory lingers, I decided to custom design and carve a wooden plaque to remind and delight the Massey Bros. Surprised, the Massey Bros., were grateful to receive this plaque.      

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