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Pistol grip carving of P-228 Sig Sauer

Pistol grip carving of P-228 Sig Sauer

My most recent carving is a P-228 Sig Sauer pistol grip. This pistol grip was a special order by my client and was factory made of Rosewood.

The client requested an original design that would not only be unique but comfortable.

After the design was approved, I used my light table to create a mirror image with  a modification to account for the initials and safety button area.

The use of my light table saved me time and assured me there would be accurate continuity of the chain design at the seam after assembly.

In putting together the 2 halves of the grip, I used 2 bolts and wood spacer to hold the grip in the position resembling the pistol.

I positioned and glued the stencil with the final adjustment to assure the pattern matched at the seam.

Thus, I proceeded to carve. The carving complete, I used gold leaf inlay for initials; seal and finish.

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