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Uri Misrachi - Carving Dreams in WoodAbout Woodcrafting Artist Uri Misrachi

Schooled in fine art, design, and sculpture, Mr. Uri Misrachi has over 40 years experience.

Uri excels in bringing advanced concepts and artistic beauty to all his projects. Whether reproductions of the classics or original pieces, he spends hours researching, designing, planning, drawing, and all else to ensure each is meticulously crafted and finished.

Having used multidimensional mediums such as wood, brass, bronze (and other metals), stone, clay, plaster, resin etc., in recent years, Uri’s focus has become primarily wood. Hand carved and engraved projects, reminiscent of  ‘ Old World Crafting ‘ ( no laser nor computer ),  includes: gunstocks, pistol grips, mantel pieces, custom heirloom wooden boxes (often with inlays), cabinet doors, humidors, and much more.

Uri’s work has been displayed in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia & Japan.


Uri is not accepting new projects until the end of 2023

Contact the Artist – Uri Misrachi

Studio Location:   Los Angeles, Ca 

Telephone:  (310) 287-1141       (By Appointment Only)

E-mail: contact@carvingdreamsinwood.com


Special Discount for Law Enforcement and Military Personnel  

License: FFL: U.S. DOJ: Bureau ATF COE: Ca. DOJ

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